6 Train Blues

Annoyances, New York

It fascinates me that the 6 Train in New York always — always — smells like urine.  No matter what time of day, or which day of the week.

How is there so much urine?

Who are these anonymous pee-ers?




I love your pets more than I love you


One weird thing (among many) about me is that I never forget anything about anyone’s pets. If we meet on the street and you let me meet your dog, every subsequent time I see you on the street, I will remember your dog’s name and that she’s five years old and that you adopted her after she was found abandoned as a puppy beneath the boardwalk at Coney Island. Even if you don’t recognize me, don’t remember me, or just aren’t in the mood to trade niceties with a stranger (a neighborly stranger, but still a stranger). I will not forget your dog. 

P.S. I will probably forget your name.