Dull Colours


As I’ve blogged about before, as a student at NYU I focused my undergrad studies on animation. I was lucky enough to have the legendary Faith Hubley as my teacher, who taught me not only how to break down my story ideas into visual sequences but how to also translate my own life experiences into creative output.

One of the projects I’ve been working on (writing, developing character art) for a long time is Dull Colours, a silly animated series about new wave/Goth girls (yes, I know new wave and goth are not the same thing, just go with me, here) at a mundane high school in Indiana. They become internet famous because of their band, but are still bullied by classmates. It’s a goofy passion project in the vein of Daria that has been close to my heart for a while because it’s about the struggle of dealing with haters every day and the monotony of being trapped in high school, but also about believing in yourself and your talent when everyone around you is trying to convince you that you suck.

Someday, maybe I’ll finish the pilot! But for now, here’s the trailer:

More of my animation stuff is here.


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