Books & Stories

Light as a Feather
published October, 2018

Cold as Marble
publication date
October, 2019
Leger Comme Une Plume

Léger comme une plume… raide comme la mort now available from Hachette Romans.
Leger Comme Une Plume 2

Léger comme une plume… tome 2 now available from Hachette Romans.

Léger comme une plume… tome 3 now available from Hachette Romans.

Branded Fiction: Room 9C

This story was written in partnership with Universal Pictures for the release of Ouija: The Movie in October of 2014.

It’s the middle of fall semester at Commonwealth University, and Cara Oliver is the resident assistant on the ninth floor of the Hynes Hall dormitory. Being an RA means she’s exempt from paying for her private room. Better yet, she earns a stipend in exchange for keeping the hallway clean, mediating roommate disputes, and suffering the advances of her boss, creepy middle-aged Mr. Flynn. It’s much better than having to find a part-time job on campus. And best of all, her boyfriend, is the RA for the tenth floor.

But something strange is going on in 9C, the single room that’s occupied by deaf freshman Hailey Warwick. Cara learns that there are frequent odd noises in the room, and Hailey’s oblivious because she can’t hear them. Cara’s best friend, Leigh Anne, tells Cara that the rumor is that a kid died in Room 9C one year, and it’s haunted.  She jokes that it’s either great planning on the part of the dorm’s general manager, Mr. Flynn, that there’s a deaf kid living in 9C that year. Something about Leigh Anne’s joke rings eerily true to Cara. Cara feels awful it’s taken her until October to realize Hailey might be in some kind of danger…

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