Book Cover Reveal!

I’m a bit of a design snob, and I have to admit that I am so excited about the cover art for Cold as Marble (the sequel to Light as a Feather, hitting shelves in Fall 2019) and the new paperback cover for Light as a Feather that I literally had them printed in giant poster size to frame.
Yep, these are going up on the wall.
I also loved the cover with key art from the show, but these are so edgy and punk rock and contain so many delicious details from the book that seeing them for the first time was kind of like reading a love letter.
Find out more about Cold as Marble on Riveted, the Simon Teen blog!

These covers were designed by illustrator Avery Muether, who you should absolutely follow on Instagram right now.

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i am an illustrator, a cat herder and an all-around troublemaker residing in los angeles. i write and read stories about scary things.

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