Things that make me laugh

Here are a few things that make me laugh, no matter how dour my mood might be:


I was made aware of this blog by my friend Elizabeth Bales, who is also a novelist. It is undeniably hilarious and written by a guy who is probably an alcoholic named Simon Fletcher.

2) Monkey smells finger

Ugh, you’re probably saying to yourself. I saw that, like, four years ago. 

Well, you know what? See it again. I dare you not to laugh… again. It’s still funny and it will be funny when the earth is barren and monkeys are extinct.

3. Enough said.

4.) Jason Mewes’ dance moves in Clerks.

Ah, there’s something about this earnestly performed Cabbage Patch move that puts a smile on my face even after a horrible work encounter or unexpected run-in with an ex-boyfriend on the street. It remains a timeless classic.

Published by zoe aarsen

i am an illustrator, a cat herder and an all-around troublemaker residing in los angeles. i write and read stories about scary things.

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