Cold as Marble Sweepstakes

In celebration of the October 8, 2019 release of Cold as Marble, Book #2 in the Light as a Feather series, I’m giving away a grand prize to one lucky winner! One (1) hardcover copy of Cold as Marble One (1) $25 Hulu gift card so that you can binge all of Season 2 ofContinue reading “Cold as Marble Sweepstakes”

Initiation: written for The Gallows

I’ve been so insanely busy since moving to LA that I didn’t have time to post anything to my blog about Initiation Night, the short story I wrote in support of The Gallows over the summer! It was a total thrill to be involved in the film’s marketing campaign because The Gallows is exactly theContinue reading “Initiation: written for The Gallows”

Things that are no longer in NYC for me to miss

The last time I moved away from NYC (before moving back, two years later) these were things I dearly missed during my time in LA: 1) Original Ray’s pizza on 6th Ave & 11th (now gone) 2) Late night dinner/early breakfast at Yaffa Cafe (now gone) 3) Brunch at Grange Hall (now long gone) 4)Continue reading “Things that are no longer in NYC for me to miss”

TV Shows I Volunteer to Executive Produce

1.  The F Team A reboot of the A-Team. A group of really shitty special ops guys bungle every assignment they’re given in the greater Los Angeles area.  The only casting requirement here is that Kathy Griffin must play Murdock. I think it would also be pretty great to see Jay Baruchel as a bumblingContinue reading “TV Shows I Volunteer to Executive Produce”

5 Things I Did Not Know When I Moved to New York

I’ve been here a while now, so it’s okay to admit these things. I am pretty sure I am not alone in these rather humbling experiences. Correction: I really hope I am not alone in these experiences, because if I am, I am a far greater nerd than I thought. 1. I did not know about wasabi.Continue reading “5 Things I Did Not Know When I Moved to New York”

Light as a Feather… let’s play a game

My paranormal YA book is being featured on Wattpad right now, and as part of the feature we’re playing a little online game of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.  As much as I loved the role of storyteller within the game when I was a kid, it’s a challenge coming up withContinue reading “Light as a Feather… let’s play a game”

Movies I Seriously Cannot Wait to See

This is looking like it’s going to be a pretty great summer for movies. On my must-see list: 1.) The Bling Ring. I adore Emma Watson and I think Sofia Coppola is a genius, so I have high expectations for this one even though the subject matter in the hands of another director would probablyContinue reading “Movies I Seriously Cannot Wait to See”