It’s been a while since I regularly updated my blog, and that’s only because I’m usually writing fiction, instead. But here are a few random thoughts about Lovett, the story I’ve been posting to Wattpad about a boy band with a very dark secret. 1) the inspiration for Alisdair is a male model named EdwardContinue reading “Lovett”

Initiation: written for The Gallows

I’ve been so insanely busy since moving to LA that I didn’t have time to post anything to my blog about Initiation Night, the short story I wrote in support of The Gallows over the summer! It was a total thrill to be involved in the film’s marketing campaign because The Gallows is exactly theContinue reading “Initiation: written for The Gallows”

LA update: the cure for homesickness

Since arriving in Los Angeles in November, I’ve had several heart pangs over missing the sidewalk bustle in Boerum Hill every morning, my beloved deli guy, Peter (below after winning $20 off me when I bet against Germany during the World Cup), snow, and being able to meander around at two A.M. without being theContinue reading “LA update: the cure for homesickness”

Things that are no longer in NYC for me to miss

The last time I moved away from NYC (before moving back, two years later) these were things I dearly missed during my time in LA: 1) Original Ray’s pizza on 6th Ave & 11th (now gone) 2) Late night dinner/early breakfast at Yaffa Cafe (now gone) 3) Brunch at Grange Hall (now long gone) 4)Continue reading “Things that are no longer in NYC for me to miss”

OUIJA: Room 9 and my real-life ghost story

I was pretty flattered to have been asked by Wattpad to contribute a story in support of Universal Pictures’ theatrical release of Ouija: The Movie. The only requirement for the story’s plot was that it feature a ouija board. Seriously… no problem. When I was a student at NYU, it was common knowledge that theContinue reading “OUIJA: Room 9 and my real-life ghost story”

Famous People I Have Seen in Cobble Hill

1) Ethan Hawk rushed past the Starbucks on Court and Dean once on a hot summer day and all of the middle-aged yoga moms inside the coffee shop freaked and were fanning themselves. 2) Paul Dano regularly frequented my Court Street deli at the same odd hours as I did. He’s very cool. 3) Paul’s girlfriend,Continue reading “Famous People I Have Seen in Cobble Hill”

Movies I Will One Day Write About My Neighbors

Living in New York City is full of many perils (crime, vermin, subway derailments, etc). Life here also offers a great many annoyances, most of which are related to the fact that there are far too many people living here, crammed into buildings that are rapidly falling into rack and ruin.  Even the most pleasantContinue reading “Movies I Will One Day Write About My Neighbors”

Breaking hearts, enchanting minds

Every author likes to imagine her reader reaching the last page of a book and wondering how life will possibly go on now that the story has ended. Or, at least, that’s one of my favorite fantasies (mine, truthfully, are more elaborate, involving tears, negotiations with God, and a slow descent into madness). When IContinue reading “Breaking hearts, enchanting minds”

A New Cover, and Tips for Writing for YA

My paranormal romance for teens, Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, was published just about a year ago, and to switch things up, we changed the cover last week. I think readers approve, because it’s suddenly #1 on the Amazon free teen paranormal romance and horror lists. Exciting! Here are a few things that I’veContinue reading “A New Cover, and Tips for Writing for YA”