Little Known Facts About New York

If you live in New York, you may not be aware of these true facts. 1) Only two of your four stove top burners will work in any apartment built before 1980. If your apartment has one of those mini ovens, then only one or zero of your burners will function. 2.) None of yourContinue reading “Little Known Facts About New York”

Weird Dinners I Have Recently Eaten

1. 1 can of tuna with an entire avocado, lemon juice and black pepper 2. String cheese and pretzels 3. Pecan gelato, a peanut butter-flavored protein bar and Laughing Cow red wax blob of cheese 4. Whole wheat crackers and hummus 5. 2 containers of plain Chobani yogurt, 1/3 pound of grilled salmon I thinkContinue reading “Weird Dinners I Have Recently Eaten”

My 10 favorite Beastie Boys’ songs, and why

Sometimes, I look around at my life and I’m genuinely stupefied that I’m a New Yorker. It takes a lot to get by in this city, after all, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. And it’s perhaps the understatement of a lifetime to say that the music of the BeastieContinue reading “My 10 favorite Beastie Boys’ songs, and why”